This is why Tiktok has become the biggest music radio station

Forget the gate keepers, this deal provides you with an opportunity to control your success. 


"... being able to close licensing deals for user generated content platforms, such as Tiktok makes it much easier for musicians to earn the royalties from platforms that people are using every day. So it's a really exciting deal for us..."

If you are an African musician and thinking global stardom, this promises to be the deal for you. No really, this might be a good start. I mean, the reason why musicians want their music to reach radio stations is because of the potential reach that their music could enjoy with radio airplay and potential royalty pay-outs. Now Tiktok has signed a deal that promises to fulfil those two promises, the difference being that this will be done on a global scale, the difference being that radio stations have a limited reach.

In the beginning of April 2021, SAMRO and CAPPASSO announced a deal with Tiktok which is positioned as a deal that will ensure that songwriters, composers, and publishers across the African continent get paid for their music that is being used on Tiktok. According to, this agreement will leverage the existing partnerships by CAPPASO and will cover 58 territories across the African continent.

Jordan Lowy, Head of Music Publishing Licensing and Partnerships at TikTok has been quoted saying:

“TikTok is delighted to enter into this agreement with SAMRO and CAPASSO, ensuring that songwriters, composers and publishers across Africa can benefit when their music is used on TikTok. This is an exciting region for us with a huge pool of incredible talent, and we look forward to connecting them with our global audience”.

In an interview with NewzRoomAfrika, Manqoba Kubheka, SAMRO General Manager of licencing said the following about this deal:

“We are very excited about the deal. Particularly because social media platforms are growing more and more every month and being able to close licensing deals for user generated content platforms, such as Tiktok makes it much easier for musicians to earn the royalties from platforms that people are using every day. So it's a really exciting deal for us.”

“In terms of the royalties being paid out it would work in a similar way to any other platform or medium where music is being used. For radio, it is very simple, the songs are played throughout the day on the radio channel. We licensed them for specific fee, it might be a percentage of the revenue or an agreed fixed fee, and every time that the song is played, we will then apportion the percentage of time that song has been played over the whole month against the revenue that has been earned in that month from the royalties or license fees from that radio station. And then we'll disseminate to the music writers and composers that whose music have been played. So on Tiktok, for example, you have all the music stickers that you can attach to your video, for example, the Jerusalem challenge, and the more minutes or seconds or hours that that song is accumulating, the more they are, the bigger the chunk of the royalties they will be getting from the license fees that we've gotten from Tiktok.”

We think you have a real opportunity here to become a global superstar, provided you have a stable internet connection, and your content creates the excitement required internationally. You may think Youtube and now more recently Tiktok. This deal provides an opportunity to control your success without the concerns of what has becoming increasingly known as gate keepers. No one except your fans decides whether your music is the quality grade of your music.

Tiktok is becoming the biggest music radio station at least to a member of SAMRO and CAPASSO, they have probably become the biggest music platform after Youtube. Yes, Youtube is a giant, except they do not have a deal with SAMRO and CAPPASSO, and this could be a good thing but for now, if you are a member of SAMRO and CAPPASSO.

This deal could be good for you because:

a) Tiktok is free and can be accessed globally.

b) They have the widest reach and usage than most radio stations, in fact, I do not know any radio station that has the same reach and following.

c) There are no administrators that decide whether your music deserves airplay or not, your fans and following decides.

d) The amount you get paid depends entirely on your hard work.

e) They have a global reach, and your music airplay is not limited geographically, how far your music goes is mostly dependent on you.

This is what this deal means to you as a musician

a) The deal promises to expose your music globally, this I suppose is mainly because Tiktok is a global platform and any of the content on Tiktok can be accessed globally by their users.

b) Tiktok will start paying music royalties to SAMRO and CAPPASSO for the music belonging to their members that is being played on Tiktok.

c) The expectation is that these royalties will be paid back to you as the member of these organisations.

This is what you need to do to benefit?

a) You need to be a member of SAMRO and Cappasso

b) Register your music with SAMRO.

c) Be on Tiktok and start generating video content that contains your music.

d) Be consistent, have a posting schedule and post regularly as per your schedule.

e) Identify the type of video and the music that your followers like and provide similar content

There are no signup or membership fees when registering with Samro. Capasso has an administration fee of ZAR 100 for artists and ZAR 250 for their publishers.

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